Plumbing Houston offers top-notch plumbing services throughout the Houston area.
All surrounding areas and suburbs as well as the hip downtown, Montrose and West Side are within our reach.
Our 24/7 mobile plumbing service will come as soon as you call

House water pipe issues are dealt with on the spot and for a reasonable fee.
Wear and tear, whether it be corrosion or a pressure failure, badly installed pipes or substandard materials, all these issues can be remedied completely.

Free inspection and appraisal, and low working costs, we will be your knight in shining armor.
We specialize in pipe leak detection and our plumbing services are second to none.
Plumbing leak detection done by our certified bonded and professionally trained staff will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

cleaning garbage disposal

Burst Pipe Repair

kitchen disposal

Do You Not Know How To Install A Garbage Disposal?

If you don’t, it is advisable that you leave this job to a qualified plumber.
You will have peace of mind since it will be fitted to your sink professionally.
This will avoid surprises and inconveniences down the road such as leaks.
Plumbing Houston has the tools and the talent to get these jobs done.


Plumbing & Water Heaters

Basement Bathroom Plumbing
Plumbing Leak Detection
Septic Tank Maintenance
Burst Pipe Repair
Electric Tankless Water Heater
Heat Pump Water Heater
Repair And Install Suitable Heaters
Leaking Water Heater

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We Will Replace Your Old Unit

Has your drainer jammed and is dirty water starting to collect in your sink making your home smell?
We can show you how to clean a garbage disposal.
If yours is clogged or backed up or running slowly, you don’t have to skip cooking and eat out.
Save the money for a special night out, date or celebration.
We can repair it fast and get you preparing your own meals at home, which is cheaper. waste disposal units

Has yours quit all together?
Are you thinking of going to your home improvement store to buy another one?
If you are planning to spend a Saturday working on this problem, let us help you so that you can enjoy your family and your weekend.
We can install garbage disposal skillfully and all in a very short time. That will make you more self-reliant in the future.
Plumbing Houston workers are experts in this sort of job.

What is even better is that they can show you simple things you can do to keep your unit running smoothly.
Call us today if you need garbage disposal repair, replacement or cleaning.
We can also recommend some good and highly effective and cheap units that you can fit into your sink.
These will help keep your home clean and make it possible to make dinner for your family.

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